Our courses are highly interactive and highly honed.


In this course you will learn that there is often a more interesting story behind the interviewee's rehearsed chat and how to get there. Unique for this course is that you will practice (your) realistic interview situations with the trainers in active role play.

We interview to get answers to personal questions (What does the other person think and feel?), to give boring facts a human face (Who is behind the numbers?) and to get confirmation for facts from other sources. Interviews make us (and our audience) aware that almost everything we report on is the work of human beings. 

We also interview people to get ideas for stories, to get confidential documents and to be introduced to other sources. Some interviewees turn out to be helpful and patient "path finders", others even become good friends.

Provided they're gently taken by their hand, interviewees often want to say more than they had planned. We call this the 'second' story. The best interviews are those in which the interviewee regularly has to think deeply about the answers. We teach you to listen carefully and to go into the answers until your interviewee has to leave safe territory behind and starts talking more honestly, more detailed and more concrete. 


You learn to prepare yourself well for all elements of interviewing and for possible difficulties, such as:

· Why are you interviewing?
· Who are you going to interview?
· Backgrounding candidates
· Making an appointment
· Persuading candidates
· Interview or background chat?
· Location scouting
· The questionnaire
· Manner of questioning
· Q&A's
· Send questions in advance or not?
· The role of documents and data
· Overcoming your prejudices
· Your attitude
· Making notes or record?
· The Cornell method
· Structure of the conversation
· Recognizing the 'second' story
· Advanced questioning: 16 tips
· Advanced listening
· Make people talk more concretely
· Bring memories alive
· Stopping people
· How to deal with flagging?
· Overcoming time problems
· Dealing with reluctance
· Dealing with off the record
· Dealing with traumas
· Dealing with lies
· Reading body language
· Dealing with anger or annoyance
· Writing interviews
· Apps and software


The course fee includes an extensive PDF-handbook .

"De juiste cursus voor wie graag stevig wil oefenen met interviewen. Evert en Luuk brengen al hun journalistieke expertise mee om je te laten groeien. Maar ook hun empathie voor het vak en voor de cursusdeelnemer. Nuttige combinatie van theorie en praktijk. En waar kun je anders een interview oefenen met Mark Rutte?!?"
- Annette Klein Zelfstandig adviseur

"Op een ontspannen manier nemen de trainers - beide echt experts in het vakgebied - je mee door de wereld van interviewen. Er is volop ruimte om interviews te oefenen, waarbij er één trainer meespeelt en de ander zo nu en dan inbreekt om feedback te geven. Die focus op de praktijk maakt de training enorm waardevol!"
- Simone van Schip Freelance tekstschrijver/redacteur

"Ik heb genoten van de tweedaagse training Interviewen. Goed om bevestiging én nieuwe tips te krijgen. Het kladblok met aantekeningen ligt op m'n bureau; ik pak het er af en toe weer even bij in de voorbereiding op een interview."
- Eymeke Verhoeven-Lobbezoo Journalist - Nederlands Dagblad